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SIMPLE dialer

It is a self-administered platform for programming automated phone calls, which allows you to make large numbers of calls, especially when speed and confirmation are important.

The time savings involved in generating automated calls is considerable compared to traditional communication methods. Use your own pre-recorded voice message or it is also possible to pass text to voice in different realistic voices.

Configuring calls with Simple DIALER facilitates the loading of contacts and reports of generated results.


The system may also provide the name of the client, in case you wish to greet him or have more courtesy.


advantages of SIMPLE DIALER

  • It is possible to manage the whole process, it is managed by campaigns. Contacts are loaded using xls or csv, allows you to select date and time.

  • Reports are obtained with campaign results. Calls are filtered between dates, states, results of each call.

  • Optionally, it allows to connect client´s systems (Database, WebService) or be able to manage everything from his CRM.

  • The call allows customers to interact and select options as consulted in the message.

How to apply it in your company?

  • Clean up databases

  • Satisfaction Surveys

  • Confirm Appointments, visits

  • Maintenance Coordination

  • Payments Claims

  • Marketing and sales

  • Calls for Notices

  • Prerecorded Audios

  • Notices / Emergencies

  • Debtors notice