IVR - Interactive Voice Response


The interactive voice response or IVR is a telecommunications technology that allows customers to interact in real time with your company's service system through configurable voice menus. Your customers interact automatically creating a sales channel, inquiries and complaints 24x7 extremely fast and effective.

Smart Call Distribution

Customers enters his document or pin, browses through the different options and will be referred with the most suitable person to assist him.

Self-service without the need for an operator

How to apply it in your company?

Automate Queries, Orders and Claims

Eliminate waits and offer 24 × 7 attention, with interactive voice response services that provide information and interact automatically and also integrate data and processes. You can make inquiries for services, results, requirements, due dates, among others.

Automatic management of accounts receivable

Near the expiration date, the system triggers calls or text messages informing the proximity to the invoices due.

Telephone reservation system

The client enters his document or pin, selects the service he will consume and the system informs him about who is going to meet it, day, time and cost. Then the system sends an SMS with professional, date and time of the consultation.